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MaxChevy Online Magazine Interviews Jim Hairston

I don’t quite recall when I first met Jim Hairston. It was probably while he was still promoting Hooker Headers at least a decade or so ago. I do remember liking him right from the start. Not only did he exude passion and enthusiasm for his product line and the performance aftermarket, he always showed me a great deal of respect. As a mainstay executive in our industry, he has always provided journalists with a level of comfort that makes it easy to do a story or find out what’s new and exciting. Jim has always been easy to talk to -- and listen to!

Amid an industry that was born from enthusiasts, there are a few executives who have garnered success in a pivotal role at more than one major company during their careers. Jim is one of those who has seen the hobby grow from both the inside, at companies such as Hooker and Pertronix, as well as the enthusiast side as an avid racer and street machine enthusiast.

I was fortunate to catch up with Jim the day before he was heading out to California Speedway for the PSCA event where he was competing with his family’s awe-inspiring twin-turbocharged small-block Camaro. Pinning him down on the eve of such an outing was a tribute to his dedication for his job and the great relationship he shares with those of us in the editorial business. -- Terry Cole

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